Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Newest Grimoid TOMO KAGIKO

My lastest UTAU, I made her using my chibi sounding voice, so yes her voice is chibish, had to make her not sound like Angelica at all. But anyway Tomo is what you call devishly girl, who wants to rule the world. SHe likes to pretend to be a sweet sister type charater when she's nothing like that at all. Just rember not to make fun of the fact that's she's short and flat chested or else she pull her sythe out on you.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


THis is a blog especially made for my UTAU's Angelica, Alexia, and Lex Nex Morbid, and more to come soon. Though I technically only have Angelica made and Lex is just a Genderbender version of her. I hope you'll all enjoy them like I do, and soon Alexia voice will be finished as well. Ok to define now what a Grimoid is, it's a Grim Reaper Utau or vocaloid, though at the moment just a UTAU. They're no different then any other UTAU beside's there race. But one important thing is they have there own sythe in there style. That's pretty much what a UTAU is so far. If you have you have a Grimoid please tell me and I would happy to add them here.