Wednesday, February 17, 2010


THis is a blog especially made for my UTAU's Angelica, Alexia, and Lex Nex Morbid, and more to come soon. Though I technically only have Angelica made and Lex is just a Genderbender version of her. I hope you'll all enjoy them like I do, and soon Alexia voice will be finished as well. Ok to define now what a Grimoid is, it's a Grim Reaper Utau or vocaloid, though at the moment just a UTAU. They're no different then any other UTAU beside's there race. But one important thing is they have there own sythe in there style. That's pretty much what a UTAU is so far. If you have you have a Grimoid please tell me and I would happy to add them here.

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